RioBroker “Relationship” Feature to Be Removed in 3.0 Release

Spectra RioBroker is a data mover that allows our partners and customers to build solutions that move data into and out of BlackPearl. RioBroker includes a robust API to allow software applications to manage this data movement process.

RioBroker’s API currently includes a “Relationships” feature. The Relationships feature allows a user to specify an ID and link many objects to that ID. An application could then look and find all related files through the relationship ID. Relationships has not seen use by users and was implemented in order to facilitate the linking or aggregating of multiple objects together. In an effort to better solve the problem we are going to remove this feature, and longer term we will provide a solution better tailored to solving the object linking problem.

Starting with the current release of RioBroker, 2.1, Relationships are deprecated, and if a user or integration is using it we recommend you start removing it now. In the following release, 3.0, due in September 2020, the feature will be removed.

For any immediate needs, if having related files being easily identifiable is needed, then we recommend using a common prefix for object names. So if your object name is video.mfx, and has a related file, audio.mxf, then we recommend storing the objects with a name like, uniqueId/video.mfx and uniqueId/audio.mxf. We are currently evaluating how best to link files together into a single logical object for the longer-term solution.

Please Contact the Developer Program if you have any questions or concerns.