BlackPearl 5.4.2 Released – Attack Hardened software feature and the next generation of BlackPearl Hardware

Spectra BlackPearl platform is flexible, scalable architecture that can manage disk, tape and cloud storage.

In the latest release of the BlackPearl’s software version 5.4.2, Spectra have release their Attack Hardened software feature. This coincides with the released of the next generation of the BlackPearl hardware platform.

Spectra’s attack hardened software feature adds a range of different software features that help mitigate the risk of data loss and accelerates ransomware response. The attack hardening features include immutable snapshots, the automatic triggering of snapshots, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), snapshot change percentage detection along with others to help protect against an attack.

The next generation of BlackPearl hardware is a complete technology refresh of the BlackPearl hardware. It builds on the success of the current hardware platform, but it now offers customers more density, flexibility and speed. In the new hardware customers can to install up to 10 NVMe’s and 60 HDDs (8TB, 16TB or 20TB options available) directly the head unit. Spectra have also chosen to use AMD’s Epic family of chips to power the new generation of hardware.

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