Certified Client Marketing Resources

There are many benefits to completing and passing BlackPearl Certification. Besides knowing that your code and RioBroker or DS3 (formerly Spectra S3) client are compatible and pass a simulated heavy workload, you will also be allowed to use the certification logos and icons. Spectra may also work with you on the Marketing activities listed below.

Once Spectra Logic has indicated that your client is Certified, we will send you logos and icons to use in your application, on your website, and in other marketing materials.

Spectra Logic may also choose to work with you on the following joint Marketing activities. Talk to your Spectra contact about participating in these activities.

  • Add your company/product logo to our Certified Partners page on www.spectralogic.com
  • Demo software in our lab -- dedicated hardware space in lab for product demos and training (you provide your product to our lab at no cost)
  • Joint solution document (2 pages)
  • Technical solution brief (4 pages)
  • Case studies
  • Tech talk and demo videos
  • Email marketing campaign for your sales team and Spectra Sales team
  • Webinars for end users and resellers/integrators
  • Training of Spectra Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services teams on your company/product and joint solution
  • Press release
  • Social media campaign
  • Trade shows
  • Email campaign
  • Account mapping
  • Bundle pricing
  • Field events

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