Developer Program News – January 2017

The Developer Program provides developers with SDKs, APIs, documentation, and more, to design, create, and develop BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway Spectra S3 applications with deep storage capabilities. Spectra Logic has seen tremendous success with BlackPearl and has many exciting activities planned in 2017!

Developer Summit 2016

On November 10, 2016, we hosted a successful second annual BlackPearl Developer Summit. We have provided a recording, slides, and agenda from the Summit.

Watch Developer Summit

New BlackPearl Features – Public Cloud, LTFS Tape Import

We have introduced many exciting new features to BlackPearl, including:

Minimizing Changes to API

How should Spectra keep changes in BlackPearl code from affecting partner integrations? Retesting every release of BlackPearl code with every client version is obviously not feasible. Instead, Spectra Logic has chosen to tightly control and minimize API changes to prevent problems with partner integrations. Read More

SDK Updates

Spectra Logic has been very busy updating its Software Development Kits (SDKs) for BlackPearl that are available in Java, C#/.NET, Python, and C. All SDKs now support all API operations available in BlackPearl. Additionally, our Java and C#/.NET SDKs include “Helper” classes to make BlackPearl integration even easier.

Download SDKs
SDK Documentation, Installation Instructions and Code Examples
SDK Best Practices – Design Guidance and Tips
Managing Unexpected Conditions in SDKs

Managing Ejected Tapes

When a BlackPearl client requests data to be restored from BlackPearl, it is possible that the only copy of the data resides on tape(s) that have been ejected from the library. BlackPearl clients should be designed to handle this ejected tape scenario. Handling the ejected tape scenario is a requirement to pass Spectra certification. Managing Ejected Tapes in BlackPearl

Certified Clients

Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Certification Program continues to test and certify many BlackPearl integrations. We now have nine certified BlackPearl clients with many more on the way. Spectra Logic will only support BlackPearl integrations that are certified. Contact the Developer Program Team to get your BlackPearl integration certified.