Developer Program News – May 2017

The Developer Program provides developers with SDKs, APIs, documentation, and more, to design, create, and develop Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage Spectra S3 applications with deep storage capabilities. Spectra Logic has seen tremendous success with BlackPearl and has many exciting activities planned in 2017!

BlackPearl Version 4.0 Upcoming API Changes

Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl has seen wide adoption across various industries and multiple use cases. To meet the requirements of many user groups, Spectra’s Engineering team has continued to improve the functionality of the product, and has postponed changes that could impact existing software client integrations. As described in a previous blog post, Spectra tries to restrict changes to the BlackPearl API to major version releases. With the upcoming major release of BlackPearl code version 4.0 currently scheduled for August, we do expect changes to the API to support these new features. Some of these changes could affect existing BlackPearl software client integrations. Read More

Getting Started with BlackPearl Partial File Restore Integration

In the Media & Entertainment world, data files have reached very large sizes, particularly in the case of high resolution video that can exceed 1TB in size. In order to efficiently work with very large files, the media file processing is done in sections, with the end-user requesting content “snippets” based on timecodes. Object storage devices that are used to store very large files are not typically aware of the timecode-to-byte relationship, and do not have the content awareness necessary to extract and create partial media files. To bridge the gap between time and bytes, BlackPearl has added a Partial File Restore (PFR) feature to enable the media processing application to efficiently retrieve a complete media file based on timecode offsets. Read More

BlackPearl SDK for Python 3 Now Available

Spectra Logic provides software development kits (SDKs) to make it easier to create applications that integrate with BlackPearl. We provide these SDKs in Java, C#/.NET, C, and Python. Our initial Python SDK was built to be used with Python 2. We have now also released a Python SDK that is intended for Python 3. Read More

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