Minimizing Changes to the BlackPearl API

Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl is a gateway to our deep storage that uses an Application Programming Interface (API) for archive and restore operations. This API is used by our partners to integrate their software with BlackPearl. With the success of BlackPearl, the list of partner software clients is growing quickly. With the larger list comes a very important question: what should Spectra do to keep changes in BlackPearl code from affecting partner integrations? Retesting every release of BlackPearl code with every client version is obviously not feasible. Instead, Spectra Logic has chosen to tightly control and minimize API changes to prevent problems with partner integrations. To achieve this, we have established an API change review process that involves all stakeholders within the Spectra organization, as well as external partners and customers.

The release process:

-- Requires that every type of proposed change to an existing API call has a sponsor and is logged in the engineering feature tracking system.

-- The proposed change has to be reviewed and approved by both Spectra’s Engineering and Product Management departments before it becomes scheduled for development.

-- Even when approved, any changes to API with potential to affect partners and customers have to be scheduled with sufficient lead time to allow proper communications to and changes by all stakeholders, including customers, partners, and Spectra Logic.

-- Finally, the process restricts API changes which affect backward compatibility with existing clients to major releases of BlackPearl code (e.g. version 3.x to version 4.x), unless the change is deemed critical by the directors of both Engineering and Product Management departments.

-- New XML response elements and attributes are permitted, as they should be ignored by clients not taking advantage of a new response element. This behavior allows existing older clients to keep functioning with newer versions of API.


With all the controls built into the process, Spectra Logic aims to assure a stable and consistent API for interfacing with BlackPearl. At the same time, the process provides a means to expand the API to meet the needs of end users and support new applications and markets as they develop in the future.

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