BlackPearl Certification Program Overview and Timeline

We have provided a recommended list of steps for development and testing of your client for certification. Be sure complete every task listed below. The time lengths listed are intended as a guidance only as your specific client needs may vary.

Step 1 -- Planning and Access (~1 week)

Contact the Developer Program to get remote access to a BlackPearl, to plan for your software or product to be installed in our lab, and to schedule testing dates.

Step 2 -- Get Started (~ 1 week)

Follow the Getting Started page to prepare for development. Install the BlackPearl simulator. Install the Deep Storage Browser or Java Command Line Interface (CLI) on a client system and test moving data to/from the simulator manually to test that is it functioning. Review Software Development Kit (SDK) information and formulate the outline of the client. Review the Client Questionnaire and Test Plan to understand what is expected of your client. Contact Spectra to let us know that the client code will begin development the following week.

Step 3 -- Development (~ 3 weeks, can vary depending on client)

Develop and code your client. Use the BlackPearl simulator or remotely-accessible BlackPearl to develop against. Complete the Client Questionnaire and return it to Spectra. Contact Spectra to let us know when development is complete.

Step 4 -- Initial Testing (~ 1 week)

Use the Test Plan and the BlackPearl simulator or remotely-accessible BlackPearl to perform initial testing of your client. The simulator cannot be used for performance testing, testing files larger than 1GB, or testing movement of files between BlackPearl and tape. Contact Spectra to let us know when initial testing is complete.

Step 5 -- Testing in Spectra Lab (~1 week)

Use the Test Plan to test your client in Spectra’s testing lab. Spectra will give you remote access to the lab or you can travel to the lab at our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Submit test results to Spectra when completed.

Step 6 -- Spectra Reviews Testing Results (~1 week)

Spectra Logic will review your testing results and let you know if any problems are found or if additional information is needed.

Step 7 -- Code Fixes (~1 week)

If needed. Fix any problems found and provide additional information as needed.

Step 8 -- Retest (~1 week)

If needed. Retest fixes. Submit information and retest results to Spectra.

Step 9 -- Spectra Reviews Retest, Certifies (~1 week)

If needed. Spectra Logic will review additional information and retests if they were needed. If no additional problems are found or information is needed, Spectra will notify you that your client has been certified.

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