Rio 2.0 API Changes


Changes from RIO Broker API 1.0.0 to RioBroker API 2.0.0.

What's New

  1. GET/api/cluster/members/{memberId} Get the specified cluster member.
  2. DELETE/api/cluster/members/{memberId} If the node is a data node, then the node is removed from the cluster.
  3. GET/api/auth/certificate Returns the public key as Elliptic Curve components for asymmetrically verifying the System Token's Signature.
  4. GET/api/devices/{deviceType} List devices.
  5. GET/api/jobs/{jobId}/filestatus/{objectName} Returns job file status log.
  6. POST/api/logs Starts bundling logs from each node.
  7. GET/api/logs/{logsetId}/download Download logset.
  8. GET/api/logs/ List all logsets.
  9. GET/api/devices/{deviceType}/{deviceName} Get a device.
  10. POST/api/devices/{deviceType}/{deviceName} Create a device.
  11. DELETE/api/devices/{deviceType}/{deviceName} Delete a device.
  12. HEAD/api/devices/{deviceType}/{deviceName} Detects if a device exists.
  13. GET/api/jobs/{jobId}/filestatus Returns job files status log.
  14. GET/api/logs/{logsetId} Get the logset information.
  15. DELETE/api/logs/{logsetId} Delete a logset.
  16. HEAD/api/logs/{logsetId} Determines if a logset exists.
  17. GET/api/reports Create new CSV report.
  18. HEAD/api/brokers/{brokerName}/relationships/{relationshipName} Returns a 200 if the relationship exists for this broker, and a 404 otherwise. There is no payload associated with this request.

What's Deprecated

  1. GET /api/devices/storedURI/{deviceName} Get Stored URI device connection information.
  2. DELETE /api/devices/storedURI/{deviceName} Deletes a Stored URI device
  3. HEAD /api/devices/storedURI/{deviceName} Detects if a Stored URI Device exists
  4. GET /api/devices/storedURI Lists Stored URI devices
  5. POST /api/devices/storedURI Creates a new Stored URI device.
  6. GET /api/devices/flashnet/{deviceName} Get Flashnet device connection information.
  7. DELETE /api/devices/flashnet/{deviceName} Deletes a Flashnet device
  8. HEAD /api/devices/flashnet/{deviceName} Detects if a Flashnet device exists
  9. GET /api/devices/marquis/{deviceName} Get Marquis device connection information.
  10. DELETE /api/devices/marquis/{deviceName} Deletes a Marquis device
  11. HEAD /api/devices/marquis/{deviceName} Detects if a Marquis Device exists
  12. GET /api/devices/flashnet Lists Flashnet devices
  13. POST /api/devices/flashnet Creates a new Flashnet device.
  14. GET /api/devices/marquis Lists Marquis devices
  15. POST /api/devices/marquis Creates a new Marquis device.