Spectra Developer Program News – December 2015

Check out the latest news from the Spectra Developer Program, including information about our new BlackPearl release coming this month!

BlackPearl 3.0 to be Released this Month
BlackPearl 3.0 will be released this month, which includes many exciting new features including ArcticBlue Nearline Disk and Advanced Bucket Management. This release will also include updated Software Development Kits (SDKs). Read about these new features and how developers should prepare for them.
Preparing for the BlackPearl 3.0 Release (this is a MUST READ for developers)
New Features Part 1 -- Arctic Blue and Advanced Bucket Management
New Features Part 2 -- Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Inaugural Developer Summit
Thank you to those that attended our inaugural Developer Summit on October 20. We covered some interested topics, including the new BlackPearl features, and received positive feedback from the attendees.
Watch a Video Recording of Summit
Review Developer Summit Agenda
View Developer Summit Slides

New SDK Guidance and Tips Page
We have posted a new resource for BlackPearl client developers using the Software Development Kits (SDKs). The page provides information for developers wanting to integrate the SDKs with their existing software and workflows to build a client to move data to and from BlackPearl.
BlackPearl SDK Client Development -- Guidance and Tips

New Python, C SDK Releases
We have recently posted new releases of our Python and C Software Development Kits on GitHub. Get them from our Downloads page. We have also posted new Python code samples, documentation, and installation instructions. Check out this additional Python information on our Documentation page.

Partner and Video Interviews About BlackPearl
We have posted a new set of video interview from partners and customers using BlackPearl. Hear why they chose to work with Spectra Logic and BlackPearl.
Partner and Customer BlackPearl Interviews

BlackPearl, Checksums, and Data Integrity
BlackPearl uses checksums to protect customer’s data. A checksum acts as a fingerprint for the file and can be used to make sure that the file received by BlackPearl is the same file that the client thought it sent. Read the details about BlackPearl’s checksum features and learn what else Spectra does to protect our customer’s data
BlackPearl, Checksums, and Data Integrity

Send Us Your Updates, Questions
Have you completed a Spectra S3 client? Need help on client development? Let us know what you’re doing! Send an update or ask for help on our Contact Page. And don’t forget about our Google Discussion Forum to ask for help from our team and your peers.