Spectra StorCycle Now Has Exposed API

Spectra StorCycle is a storage lifecycle management solution that allows users to identify inactive data, move or copy it to a lower-cost tier of storage, protect it to ensure that it is safe, and easily restore it as needed. With the 3.3 release of StorCycle in January 2021, Spectra Logic has exposed some of the API commands of StorCycle to allow our customers to build custom integrations to StorCycle.

The exposed commands currently include:

  • Authentication
  • Create and manage storage locations (both sources and targets)
  • Create and manage scan, migrate/archive, and restore operations

These commands might be used for actions such as bulk creation of storage locations, scripting of migrations that first require actions of other systems, and allowing user restores through a separate web portal.

We have provided a full set of documentation for each command, as well as code samples in Python.

Learn more about StorCycle API integrations