BlackPearl Simulator

The BlackPearl Simulator is packaged and available for download as a Virtual Machine Development Kit (VMDK).

Latest Version -- Download BlackPearl Simulator VMDK 5.0 (856MB ZIP)

Previous simulator version -- Download 4.0 simulator

Simulator Installation and Usage Instructions

Software Development Kits

Spectra S3/BlackPearl available SDKs can be accessed via GitHub repositories.

Java SDK -- Download Java SDK Latest Release

.NET/C# SDK -- Download .NET SDK Latest Release

C SDK -- Download C SDK Latest Release

Python 2 SDK -- Download Python 2 SDK Latest Release

Python 3 SDK (beta) -- Download 3 Python SDK Latest Release

Go SDK -- Download Go SDK Latest Release

If you would like to become a GitHub repository contributor, you can do a fork and then submit a pull request.

Spectra S3 Clients

Spectra Logic has developed several of our own Spectra S3 Clients that can found on our Clients page.

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