What is Spectra S3?

What is BlackPearl?

How are users created on BlackPearl?

What happens when I delete a file? Is the file deleted on tape?

How do I know when a tape library or tape partition is full?

How does BlackPearl process multiple jobs? How does it prioritize jobs?

What is the maximum file size that can be moved using Spectra S3?

For the Bulk PUT and GET commands, will the “chunks” go to/from BlackPearl in the specified order?

Where is metadata stored for the objects I upload to BlackPearl?

Does BlackPearl support checksums?

Do I need to worry about tape library compression or encryption for my Spectra S3 application?

Does BlackPearl support WORM tape media?

I have completed initial testing of my Spectra S3 client with the BlackPearl simulator. How do I test it on a real BlackPearl?

Can I sell the BlackPearl client that I have developed with Spectra SDKs?

How do I monitor the HTTP traffic generated by my application?

Does BlackPearl support the Standard S3 protocol?

Do the Spectra S3 SDKs use existing S3 code libraries?

Can BlackPearl read tapes written by other systems/software?

What are the maximum number of objects that can be moved in a Bulk GET or PUT operation?

How do I move files from the BlackPearl simulator to the parent/primary operating system?

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