Existing DS3 (formerly Spectra S3) Clients

Spectra Logic and its partners have developed numerous DS3 (formerly Spectra S3) clients. The clients listed on this page are available to download and are also free and open source, which means the source code is available and can be used as a reference for building your own client. A number of clients are also available from our partners.

BlackPearl Eon Browser

The BlackPearl Eon Browser (formerly Deep Storage Browser) provides a graphical, FTP-like interface to manage files between BlackPearl and your local computer or a server.

Download BlackPearl Eon Browser -- Use the 5.0.x version of Eon Browser for BlackPearl 5.x. Use the 2.1.6 version of Eon Browser for BlackPearl 4.x or earlier.

BlackPearl Eon Browser 5.0 User Guide (PDF) -- Use with BlackPearl 5.x
BlackPearl Eon Browser 5.0 Release Notes (PDF)

BlackPearl Eon Browser 2.1 User Guide (PDF) -- Use with BlackPearl 4.x

Java Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Java CLI allows you to manage files in BlackPearl using a simple command-line interface

Download Java CLI

Java CLI Reference and Examples


Cyberduck is an open source client for file transferring between servers, including to both public and private cloud environments.

Download Cyberduck

Cyberduck BlackPearl Plugin Installation Instructions

Partner Clients

See the clients that have been developed or are in the process of being developed by our partners.

BlackPearl DS3 Partner Clients

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