Integration to BlackPearl with Rio Broker

Spectra Logic has introduced a new method to integrate with BlackPearl called Rio Broker. Rio Broker is a “data mover”. The Rio Broker software package is designed as a simple interface layer allowing a RESTful file transfer API that intelligently manages jobs in BlackPearl.

Benefits include:

  • Data movement does not need to go through third party software
  • Easier to work with BlackPearl -- simpler API, able to work with individual files
  • Provides layer of abstraction over more complex BlackPearl interface – this allows for much easier development
  • Stable API -- Changes to the BlackPearl API will not affect the Rio Broker API

A number of documents and tools have been created to assist developers with Rio Broker installation and set-up.

Rio Broker Diagram (PDF)

This document provides a visual aid to help understand how Rio Broker simplifies customer workflows, and it also explains the difference between the traditional BlackPearl integration method and the Rio Broker integration method.

Rio Broker API (PDF)

To aid developers, Spectra Logic has developed a robust API for use with Rio Broker. This document describes the API capabilities. Note that once you install Rio Broker, you can also access the API documentation at https://localhost:5050/api/viewer/index.html.

Rio Broker Installer (MSI, for Windows OS only)

The installer provides an application with a simple API to exercise Rio Broker functionality.

Rio Broker Installation and Usage Guide (PDF)

Provides step by step instructions to get up and running with Rio Broker, including issuing API commands.

Rio Broker FAQ (PDF)

This document answers frequently asked questions about Rio Broker.

Rio Broker Certification

Learn how to get your Rio Broker integration certified so that Spectra Logic will support it.

Rio Broker .NET SDK:

If your application is written in .NET, you can use this .NET SDK to interface with Rio Broker.

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