New Developer Website and New Vision

This week Spectra Logic released a new version of the Spectra Logic Developer Program website.

One reason for launching the new site was to update the look and feel to match our recently updated corporate website. Besides looking great, the new sites work on all devices and have some nice interactive features.

But the main reason for the new version of the Developer site was to make our DS3 client development tools easier to download and access. DS3 is our deep storage protocol, an extension of S3, which allows users to move data to deep storage using simple HTTP commands.  This protocol is made possible by our BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway.  Now anyone can access all the tools needed to create a DS3 application, including a BlackPearl Simulator, Software Development Kits, sample clients, and documentation.

Additionally, Spectra Logic has decided to make its BlackPearl DS3 software development kits (SDKs) and clients both freely downloadable and open source. This has been done for several reasons:

  • To make it as easy as possible for developers, a group which consists of both customers and partners, to develop DS3 clients.
  • To allow developers to modify the software for their particular needs, and to contribute those modifications back to the community.
  • Developers in the web service and cloud storage communities have an expectation that software tools will be freely available and open source. We want to be a trusted partner in that community.
  • Spectra Logic is in the business of selling deep storage hardware. More DS3 clients means that we can provide deep storage hardware to more customers.

We hope that you now find it easier than ever to develop DS3 clients. As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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