BlackPearl Certification Program

Spectra Logic has created the BlackPearl Certification Program to ensure that the BlackPearl clients created by our partners are robust and reliable. We have provided detailed information on how to get certified. All partners should strive to have their BlackPearl clients certified. We are now certifying our first clients and will be announcing them soon. If you are interested in having your client certified, please Contact Us.

BlackPearl Certification Program

Change to Package Structure in Java 3.x RC SDK

The Java 3.0 and 3.2 Release Candidate (RC) SDKs are available and some partners and customers are now trying them out. Yesterday we had to make a change to the package structure in these SDKs to make it very clear which classes are auto generated and which are not by moving the classes that are not auto generated to different packages. You can view the details in this GitHub pull request. Most users probably aren’t yet using these classes, but if they are, they will need to update their code to support the new package names. Contact us on the forums if you have any questions or concerns.

Developer Program Team at NAB 2016

The biggest trade show in the Media and Entertainment arena, NAB 2016, is coming next month to Las Vegas, and Spectra Logic will be there in full force. The Spectra Logic Developer Program team will also be on site to answer your questions and discuss your BlackPearl client integration plans. Included in our team will be Ryan Moore, BlackPearl SDK Engineering Manager, and yours truly, BlackPearl Developer Evangelist Jeff Braunstein. Come visit us at booth SL11816 and tell us about your plans to integrate with BlackPearl.

New Article About Exceptions and Unexpected Conditions

Any software application has to deal with errors, exceptions, and unexpected conditions. BlackPearl client developers must consider what unexpected conditions and exceptions may occur in their clients and have the client respond to them appropriately. We have created a new article that reviews the most common unexpected conditions in a BlackPearl client and how to respond to them appropriately. We recommend all developers read it and ensure that their clients follow these guidelines.

Managing Unexpected Conditions in BlackPearl Applications