BlackPearl 1.2 to Be Released This Week

BlackPearl software version 1.2 will be released later this week and should start showing up as an update option in the BlackPearl management web interface next week. The 1.2 update includes enhancements to the BlackPearl management web interface, support for new features in our Deep Storage Browser (formerly DS3 Browser) release version 1.2.1, and a number of bug fixes.

To prepare for this release, we have updated the BlackPearl Simulator to Version 1.2 so you can test out this latest code. The Deep Storage Browser version 1.2.1 is now also available for download.

The Deep Storage Browser is our simple drag-and-drop, FTP-like client for BlackPearl. The new 1.2.1 version of this free, open-source Spectra S3 client has a number of improvements, including:

  • Search for objects on BlackPearl, including with wildcards -- percent (%) or underscore (_), like SQL
  • Upload/download with arrow/click icons
  • Dragging a directory from BlackPearl to local machine no longer results in parent directory also being brought over
  • Logging
  • Folder delete on BlackPearl
  • Multi file delete on BlackPearl

These are the features that were most requested by our users. If you have any other ideas to improve the Deep Storage Browser, please Contact Us or use our Google Group.

We hope you like the new versions of BlackPearl and the Deep Storage Browser.

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