BlackPearl & Spectra RioBroker Certification Program


Spectra Logic has created the BlackPearl and Spectra RioBroker Certification Program to ensure that the BlackPearl and RioBroker clients created by our partners are robust and reliable. The steps below are intended to take our BlackPearl client partners through the entire process of certifying a client from start to finish. Partners must complete these steps in the order presented to complete the certification process. Spectra Logic will only support certified clients. Contact the Developer Program if you have any questions:

  1. Program Overview and Timeline -- A recommended project sequence from starting development to completion and receiving certification.
  2. Questionnaire -- This must be filled out once the client is near completion and before you begin certification testing.
  3. Test Plan -- Contains the required test program.
  4. Marketing Resources -- Learn about opportunities for joint marketing with Spectra Logic once you are certified.

If you wish to participate in the Program or have any questions, please Contact the Developer Program.

View List of Certified Clients

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