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Spectra Logic has entered a new phase in our company’s history. Our unique products have always required us to be both a hardware and software company. But now, for the first time, we are making it easier to store data on our hardware by providing a software interface available to everyone. This means that customers and partners can build their own applications and clients to move data to Spectra’s deep storage tape libraries. This could greatly reduce the cost and complexity of storing data in long-term archives. But it also means that Spectra must provide the tools and resources necessary for users to build these software applications.

jeffThat’s where I come in. I am Jeff Braunstein, the new “Developer Evangelist” at Spectra Logic. After working at Spectra for more than 13 years, I am excited to begin my new role and to help our customers and partners. As Spectra’s Developer Evangelist, my job is to be the “Guinea Pig” developer for the Spectra Logic Developer Program. I will be responsible for building clients and tools using our developer resources, ensuring that necessary documentation and examples are provided to build applications, and answering developer questions or providing someone who can. I will work with our Engineering team to make sure our software interface has all the features the developer community needs, and will reach out to the current and potential developer community to demonstrate how to get started and build clients.

Our new software interface is made possible by our BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway. The BlackPearl appliance sits in front of our deep storage tape libraries and allows users to move data using simple HTTP commands. Our command set is called DS3 and is an extension of the S3 storage interface popularized by Amazon®. We provide not only the Application Program Interface (API) for these DS3 commands, but also Software Development Kits (SDKs) in several programming languages to make it even easier to create DS3 clients and applications.

So what are your long-term storage challenges? Could this new, easy way to move data to deep storage help solve your organization’s data storage problems?

Send your feedback and questions my way at jeffbr@spectralogic.com or put them in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Visit the following links to learn more about Spectra Logic’s Developer Program, our BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway, and our DS3 Software Interface.

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